On tour with Shania Twain

Back in Toronto! See you in London and Downtown with the Shania NOW tour.

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Friday, September 30th, 2022 at 8:32pm
@ThankUShania15 @CMT @ShaniaTwain @ShaniaTwainTeam @TheWomanNMe @kayla4296 @allisoncornell @Jexiksh I was watching the video the other day and I thought to myself man those leather pants on her are so tight !! And sexy !


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  1. Allison…
    What an extraordinary talented gem you are. Saw you with Jann Arden in Vernon tonight. Please keep sharing your talent with the world. Hope to see ya play again. Loved “almost everything,” or is it the other way around? Lol

  2. Just saw you tonight with Jann Arden in Toronto. I was really impressed by your beautiful playing and versatility, especially singing and playing violin at the same time. Loved “Anyone Who Had a Heart”! Knocked me over!

  3. I heard you perform with Jann in Brantford tonight and was blown away by your talent! Thank you for a fantastic show!

      1. Allison, I was thrilled to see you with Jann again in Brantford last night. I saw you with her a few years ago and just loved your talent and your soulful connection with the music. Will be buying your album and telling everyone I know about you.

  4. I literally just learned of your talent after watching your stunning performance with the equally stunning Miss Cyndi Lauper! Thank you for adding such beauty to the world with your music. I am now on a mission to listen to everything I can find of yours!

    1. Hi! Thanks for asking. The song is called “So Very Happy” and I’ve been working on a recording of it all summer and it continues… Stay tuned for an announcement of its release!

      1. This makes me Happy! I heard you sing it back in the fall of 2014 in Moncton. Its a great song! See you with Jann last night again in Moncton. Love your powerful voice. Thank you for sharing your talent with us! 🙂

  5. Allison, I was blown away by you last night at Jann’s concert in Halifax. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us! You have been blessed for sure ! Looking forward to hearing about a new CD !

  6. I attended the show in Moncton. What an amazing show. Loved what you brought to the stage Allison. What a gift you have . Thanks for sharing it with us.

  7. Allison, you were such a joy to listen to in Halifax tonight. Your song was awesome, you rocked it. Thanks for such a good night. Hopefully the birthday girl and our late arriving couple enjoyed it too!

  8. Allison, saw you live for the first time at Jann’s Moncton show last night, but had been looking forward to hearing your multiple talents since following the tour from the start. Certainly wasn’t disappointed – lived the energy and stage presence you added to the stage!

  9. LOVED your performance at the Jann Arden concert at the NAC (Ottawa) last night (Sept. 25th). Fabulously gifted. I MUST get your CD’s. Thanks for bringing that much more joy and entertainment to Jann’s concert. Sincerely, Nicky Pasch, Russell, Ontario, Canada

    1. Hey Nicky! I share your enthusiasm. One of the first things I did after the Toronto show was snoop around here and google and then found my way to iTunes where I found Allison’s album. I love it. Best money ever spent!

  10. Just wanted to write after catching the Kitchener show with Jann. Loved the energy of the show and the fact that you were featured was a huge plus. Have obviously seen you with Jann before but the experience of that show from a musical and comedic perspective with such talented musicians having a great time together and allowing us to “feel” it too was quite simply inspirational. Came home, pulled out the guitar and sang my fool head off! You are incredible and I appreciate your gift as I’m sure thousands of others do. Thank you.

  11. I saw you perform with Jann Arden’s band last night (Sat) in London, Ontario, and as others have said here, I was blown away by your amazing talents and voice and overall performance! I googled your name as soon as got home and so glad to have found another amazing talent that I hadn’t heard before now. Look forward to hearing more of your music. Thank You.

  12. I saw you at Hamilton Place, Sept. 18. Of course I had to tell how great you are. Absolutely amazing.
    I Googled you as soon as I got home and found that you had toured with Shania. Was Cory Churko in the band when you toured with her? I’m a huge Kelly Clarkson fan and have seen him many many times since he’s been touring with her since 2005. He’s still doing stuff with Shania as well. Love him.
    Will you be performing with Jann when she plays my hometown of Burlington, Ontario at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre on Feb. 27, 2015?

    1. I have heard the outline of that tour taking shape. Great to hear there are published dates! I want very much to be there and am looking forward to having new music of my own to share then and leading up to then. Cory joined Shania’s band a few years after me and we enjoyed many good times. Thanks for your comments!

  13. Just got home from Jann Arden concert in 0shawa and looked you up on Google! You have an absolutely beautiful voice. You stole the show and I wanted to say you are one cool cat!

  14. Saw Jann Ardin in Hamilton last night and as much as I love her I was blown away by you and your amazing talent. I know everyone around me was in awe of your skills as an artist as I could hear everyone talking. To play the range of instruments you play and sing like an angel is amazing! I had to come home and look you up!

  15. Attended the Sudbury concert last night and was blown away by Jann and the band. Outstanding! You impressed us both with your beautiful voice and musical abilities. My friend and I noticed your commitment to the music as soon as you sat down. Very much appreciated. Loved the show !

  16. Wow that’s all I have to say!!! We attended Jann Arden concert last evening in Sudbury and amazing!!! You are one talented lady!!!!

  17. Just saw that you know Shania as well – Sudbury was where she did her first and second concerts, she used to perform as a young girl at the Town House across the street from the arena – went to Redwood Acres in Hanmer at the same time as my kids!!

  18. Saw you again with Jann tonight in Sudbury – Love Jann and love you!! Awesome concert, thanks for coming back to Sudbury! We sometimes feel like the land time forgot but it is wonderful to have such great artists come to Sudbury and make us feel special with your talent!!

  19. Great show in Sudbury tonight. Your voice was amazing, not to mention your instrumental talent. This is the third time I have seen Jann in concert and she is such a genuine, humble person. Hats off to her for not hogging the limelight tonight and allowing her band members to shine! She did an awesome job as always.

  20. You are an incredibly gifted musician-You left quite an impression when you toured with Jann in 2012 and again tonight in Thunder Bay. I am in awe!

  21. Hi Allison…saw you tonight with Jann Arden in Thunder Bay! Great concert! You guys rocked! I really loved that song you sang but I didn’t catch the name of it. I read in one of your earlier postings that you will try to record it soon (yay!) and I would like to keep my eye out for it.

  22. Ditto re your song. Was one of the hilites of the night in Winnipeg with Jann. Was violin your first instrument?

  23. Allison,
    As others have posted here, you really are an amazing talent. You’ve toured with Jann for several years now, I know I’ve seen you before at her Winnipeg concerts. It looks like so much fun, you must love what you do. Thanks for a great evening!

  24. Allison, you are an amazingly gifted person. We loved you here tonight in Winnipeg. Seriously incredible. Will be watching for albums! “We will follow you…”!

  25. Allison, I first saw and heard you with Joe Jackson. As he said, a gender double f**k. Since seeing you with Jann, the last time she was in Winnipeg, I’ve wondered how you and Jann connected and if it was prior to working with Joe? My wife and I are headed to see the concert tonight in Winnipeg.

    1. Jann and I have mutual friends in Los Angeles, and met there about 15 years ago… I got to play on Blood Red Cherry which was being produced in LA. What a special treat! How did you like that concert?

      1. The concert was great! The kid in the front row definitely went home happy. Every time I hear you sing and play, I’m blown away. Love your voice. Please release another CD!

  26. I’m doing the same as Krista. We all go to Jann Arden because of who she is and her amazing voice but what an awesome surprise. Allison you are amazing! You have an amazing voice and play beautifully.
    It was a fantastic show in Saskatoon. Thank you for traveling with her.

  27. Hey Krista,

    Check the tab above, “Music”.

    We just saw her in Calgary last night… SUPER talented, for sure. A new fan here. 🙂

  28. Amazing show in Calgary. I came to see Jann and the bonus was her band mates. You have an amazing set of pipes lady. I hope I can find some of your recordings.

  29. I just got home from the Jann Arden concert in Edmonton and had to look you up. Your talent is seriously amazing. Is there anywhere I can purchase the song you played tonight. I would love to add it to my play list. Thanks!

    1. Krista – thank you for posting. I will endeavor to make a recording as we travel. I wrote it last fall and have been too tied up with other life events to get it out! This tour has been my first opportunity to get it heard. I think I may get it done before the end of the year, and will post a demo in the meanwhile – soon!

      1. I saw you sing tonight and I LOVED your song. You were amazing to watch play all those instruments and sing! I bought your CD and look forward to popping into my car tomorrow and adding it to my vehicle jukebox! Enjoy the rest of our time in Canada!

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